A Woman’s Work Is Never Done!

All silks here: the first is raw silk, on the right is habati silk. I like how these came out. The leaves that soaked in rusty water are the strongest.  Others were all soaked in various concoctions.  I have going pans of chalk with seawater, plain seawater, vinegar water, rusty iron water, copper water that now also has iron water mixed in it and I usually mix them up on a piece of cloth.

This batch of Arches watercolor papers is a disappointment, but it was again an experiment.  It’s the first time I rolled the paper on logs, as opposed to stacking them. The top, outer cover came out the best, but what was inside didn’t print well at all, even though I left them for about a week before opening.  Sometimes this process seems like a crapshoot! However, it’s once again, my failure to document what I did that leaves me in limbo, not knowing why. My guess is that no tannin penetrated the outer cover because it was tied up so tight and didn’t seep through as it does with fabric when it’s rolled and tied. One redemptive aspect, though, of this process is that you can over-print and try again! You know I will! I just put a batch of fabric over prints in the steamer  a few minutes ago.

Did I show you my new steamer?  HA! HA!  I bought this stainless steamer at the Salvation Army for a pittance and plopped it on top of my crockpot which is cooking up some juniper dye) and it cooks all day or all night sometimes.


Meanwhile, here’s a “Prompt” I did in a group that’s an offshoot of our Creative Strength Training Workshop, called CST Summer Camp.  Jane is promoting her new book (I already have mine!) which you can find out about or purchase here.

Prompt 1.A

As usual, linking up with Off The Wall Friday!

6 thoughts on “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done!

  1. A lot of experimentation for sure . Keeping a journal will help you explore your discoveries further in the future. Although sometimes we get carried away by the excitement of creating something new and don’t want to stop to write. 😀

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