Silk Week


I’ve been basking in silk here. The weather has turned here with crisp, chilly mornings that warm up to perfect afternoons!  And this silk that I’m working with just seems to be reflecting the glory of this autumn weather.

Thanks Janice Paine Dawes for sharing your great local Arkansas find with me! The silk scarf is silk habotai, but the rest is a much improved grade of silk than I’ve ever used. It has more weight to it and it drapes luxuriously.

Silk Habotai Scarf
Detail of Silk Habotai Scarf

I’m not sure of the details of the rest of the silk is – maybe Jan will tell us.  But it’s great to work with.  I have to say, though, that the pictures don’t quite show how gorgeous they really are.

Silk Piece
Silk Piece Detail
Silk Panel
Detail Silk Panel

They’re all mordanted with alum acetate, cream of tarter and calcium carbonate, then rolled om an iron blanket using Ferrous Sulphate and steamed for two hours.Leaf prep varied from fresh to iron or chalk soaked.

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4 thoughts on “Silk Week

    1. Thank you Kathy! I’ve learned to work on cotton but switching to silk now is heavenly! It just takes up the pigment as cotton simply can’t do. I have to really work at the cotton whereas the silk is like a piece of cake!


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