New Delivery to the Shop and behind the scenes…

I’ll be delivering these earrings this afternoon to the Malden Pops Up Shop at 84 Main St. Malden. They make for great Christmas gifts!  Earrings to be delivered today (1 of 1)Not all aspects of making art are equal.  It’s amazing how much time is actually spent doing the admin duties, like hours of computer tasks such as trying to keep your website updated (which never really happens for me, despite the time I spend on it), taking and developing pics, promoting your products, selling, cleaning-up and organizing studios and on and on.  Here’s some of this week’s behind the scene’s work:Rigged Sawing Table (1 of 1)I rigged the top of a generator that sits idle pretty much all the time and made it into a functional sawing table. I’ve been organizing all my workspaces, making shelves and such. Rigged Miter Saw (1 of 1)This miter box is ages old and I could use one that’s a lot more precise but I rigged this baby  to cut some possible blanks for earrings. Not all initial starts become worthwhile finished products. We’ll see about this one, but so far so good.

Hope to see some of you at the shop!


2 thoughts on “New Delivery to the Shop and behind the scenes…

  1. Those earrings are a great idea. But little things like that seem to take me a very long time. Hope you found some shortcuts–and hope they sell!

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