Land & Nature Scapes Artist Reception

Although there are plenty of photos on my  Facebook pages of the Artists Reception for the Land & Nature Scapes Exhibition, most of those were taken by members of my family and I love them.  However, I’m going to try to show a less biased representaion of photos from that show here! Usually, my camera is out and clicking away but I did not have the time or ability to photo document this event because I was way too involved with enjoying my self with all of the good people around me.  I took a few after the event a few days later, and more from Don Abbott and Nick Forgione, so be sure to scroll down to see them all!

Photos by Nick Forgione 35x31

Don Abbot Pics



Back Wall. web.
Carol Grotian and Janis Doucette.
Anne Kimball & Kathleen Connors.web.
Anne Kimball & Cathleen Conners
Jeanne Marklin .web.
Jeanne Marklin
Alanna Nelson
Alanna Nelson
Version 2
Alanna Nelson



Lisa De Cobert. web.
Lisa DeCobert
Sue Colozzi. web.
Sue Colozzi
Madalene Axford Murphy. Valarie Poitier.web.
Madalene Axford Murphy & Valarie Poitier


Catherine Granese .web.
Catherine Granese
Left Side View.web.
Left to right: Catherine Granese, Jeanne Marklin, Alanna Nelson, Alanna Nelson, Anne Kimball and Sharon Raiche.
Main Wall in The Gallery. web.
Left to right: Lisa DeCobert, Jeanne Marklin, Anne Kimball and (Bottom left) Cathleen Conners, (last to on right) Janice Jones.

And last but not least, a performance by Norwegian acapelloists, Northbound, who gave a much appriciated and lively performance!



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