The Seaweed Saga 2, Shifting Colors.



A. Previously printed silk charmeuse from last season. Newly mordanted in AA; sprayed with soda ash water

B. Close up.

C. Added various leaves on top of half the cloth.

D. Close up of oaks, horse chestnut and some weld chips.

E. Center layer is a scarf dyed with weld and previously used as a blanket which picked up some prints and and some discharged transfer.

F.  Close up.

G. Eucalyptus and various leaves along with seaweed were then laid out onto the scarf.

H. Close up.

I . A parchment barrier was placed on top of this layer and more leaves were placed vein-up before the other half of the charmeuse was folded over it.

It was then rolled onto a copper pipe and tied with boomerang tubing and steamed for 2 hours.

The results:  Well, not very dramatic. There is a shift to green, but for all the work, it didn’t do much. So I cut it in half and dipped that half in a solution of tumeric and weld and achieved a clearer green, although it doesn’t quite show up as it really is because I’m still having huge computer problems.


Quite a big difference here – a more unified, cohesive print, although It’s too bad some of the drama wasn’t retained.

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