“OURstory” is juried into Quilt Festival Houston!

OURstory Quilts Selected for Houston International Quilt Festival November 8-11, 2018

and my art quilt, The Invisible Woman, is among them!

We can’t share photos yet but will  do so asap.

OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric, telling the stories of disenfranchised people and their fights for equal rights – quilts about any discrimination or violation of human rights.

Congratulations to us all!

¡Si, Se Puede! by John Trundle
A Long Engagement by Yolanda V. Fundora
Alan Turing – An Enigma by Susan Auden Wood
Alex by Pauline Salzman
April 27, 1994: Mandela Votes by Margaret Williams
Becoming Ryleigh by Birgit E. Ruotsala
Breathe by Vivian I. Milholen
Colorblind by Mary Jane Sneyd
Coming to Gold Mountain: Chinese Immigration to America by Carole A. Nicholas
Don’t Fence Me In by Cynthia Parry
First Lady of the World by Gabriele DiTota
Gotta Eat by Susanne Miller Jones
Harriet Tubman, Conductor of the Underground Railroad by Betty A. Hahn
It Happened by Tanya A. Brown
It’s Not Fair! by Marijke van Welzen
Jesus Wept by Michelle Flamer
Love Anyway by Maggie Vanderweit
Madam C. J. Walker, First Self-Made Female Millionaire by Betty A. Hahn
Made by Children by Jeanne M. Knudsen
Making a Difference by Pauline Salzman
Martin Luther King, Jr./Malcolm X: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum by Leo Ransom
Maya and Son by Denise A. Currier
Mr. Jim Crow on My Shoulder by Bonnie D. Askowitz
Out of the Darkness by Phyllis Cullen
Pauli Murray, Activist, Lawyer, Priest by Betty A. Hahn
President Jimmy Carter by Margaret Williams
Quiet Storm by Nneka K. Gamble
Ruby Bridges: Standing Alone by Leo Ransom
Seeds of Hatred by Tanya A. Brown
Seeking Shelter by Linda Syverson Guild
Still Dreaming of Equality I by Deb Berkebile
Tents of Displacement by Sandy Snowden
The Chief by Jeanne M. Knudsen
The Flushing Remonstrance by Michelle Flamer
The Glass Ceiling by Jayne Bentley Gaskins
The Invisible Woman by Janis Doucette
Tom’s Bridge by Polly M. Davis
Unity in Diversity by Sharmie Williams
Water is Life by Alison M. Laurence
We Are All Brown People in The Garden of Humanity by Anne I. Smyers
We’re Still Here by Susanne Miller Jones
Women’s Voices Matter by Susan L. Price

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