Project Cellar

Things change. Change is probably the most consistent factor of my life. Since my partner, Bill, had a stroke a few months ago, it left him with symptoms that have made it difficult for him to live his life as usual. Without his physical help I’ve  been left to my own devices to manage all of the tasks required to maintain my outdoor studio. My plans to build a roof over the structure to keep rain and snow off of it and to protect it from falling branches went down the tubes and it’s been deteriorating for months.  So, until and unless I can afford to deal with it properly, I’ve been immersed in making the cellar into a new workspace that will suit my needs for now.

It was a disaster down there – years of “stuff” collected in a space that had been neglected. I’ll spare you the details but I’ve been attacking it by the square foot, clearing out the debris, vacuuming every cobweb and all the accumulated cat hair and bleaching all the mold, Many large green trash bags of yuk are gone! Lots of family treasured china have been put through the dishwasher and re-boxed and stored until I can get them to an auctioneer or something.

I’ve torn apart and reconstructed a few dilapidated pieces of furniture that housed some of this paraphernalia and put the circular saw to other pieces that were too far gone but too heavy for me to carry outside and lugged them out in pieces. Part of the problem was that it flooded down there years ago and was pretty much left in that state. So, I’m attempting to set things up to survive any future flooding that could occur by putting things up off the floor on cement block or whatever I can scrounge to use as a platform. A lot will have to wait until I get to it but everything is being placed in plastic bins meanwhile. Although it’s never flooded in the 8 years I’ve been here, you never know!

I couldn’t deal with taking pictures of the “before” scene, and it still isn’t a pretty picture, but here are some pics of the current state of the project.


8 thoughts on “Project Cellar

    1. Good luck ! In small doses, it’s do-able! Too much to even think about if you try to take it on as a normal undertaking. In time, I think Bill will recover all of his abilities, but it takes time, treatment and healing.We all just have to deal with these set backs in our own way and on our own timeline so we just have to let it happen as it will. Glad I could inspire you. It’s not for the timid ! But it will be so rewarding when it’s completed.


    1. Thanks Janice! Yes, it’s a challenge for Bill to deal with the after effects of his stroke. It took awhile but he’s rising to the challenge and with time, he’ll recover. Once I got past the worst of the cellar project, it all seems like the end is near! I’ll be so happy when it’s done!


  1. Janis: I had no idea about Bill. How very hard it is when a loved person cannot do or be what they used to. I am very sorry you are having to cope with so much by yourself. I never thought we were packrats–haha. We downsized nearly 5 years ago, and only now have we finally sorted the last items in the storage unit and can close it down. I have been off the radar since about mid-November with medication problems and a fall (bruising only). Now our younger son is facing surgery for colon cancer, so we are “walking the walk” with him. Let’s hope our journey in 2019 is onwards and upwards and more art-ful. Trish

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    1. Oh Trish, life brings us hurdles to keep us in shape and see how high we can jump! Bill is slowly recovering and we both have to make our adjustments, but you’re being asked to jump higher than I am. To stand by helpless by a child with cancer, grown or not, is a very hard place to be! As always, I wish the best for you and yours. There’s more hope these days than there used to be for cancer victims, thankfully, but it’s still a rough road! Give yourself the joy of some daily artwork! It helps to keep us centered. Much love!


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