Artist Reception at LUVA

LUVA Hair and Day Spa is a really special place to exhibit your art! For one thing, the people who own and work there are especially friendly and welcoming. But the space itself is like a cocoon that wraps you up in comfort! Last night was the artists reception for Yvonne Gastelú and I and we had a really great time!  Thank you for this lovely opportunity, Alisson DeFaria and Luiz Soares! You are both so gracious and a pleasure to work with! And thanks to Gary Christenson, so good to always be there for community artists and for the great tweet!

I was so happy to be with Gallery friends again! Ose and Marcel Scwabb, Ose Manheim and Elena Martinez! Sue Colozzi and her husband surprised me with their appearance – thanks for the visit! Happy to have my youngest sister, Marie Crowell, accompany me for the night. We had a great after hour or so at the Pearl Street Station.


My art will be there for the next six months, so feel free to visit anytime! We may have some more special events while there, and I’ll bring in new work as I make it.


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