Essex Art Center Exhibition of Outside the Ordinary

The Essex Art Center is a great Gallery to visit! The daytime light coming in is a welcome pleasure. The layout of the gallery is conducive to strolling through with ease. We had such a good time there at the Artists Reception on Saturday night! 

March 22 – May 31, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, March 22, 5-7 pm
In the Chester F. Sidell Gallery 
Outside the Ordinary
Fabric art by members of Joined by Stitch
Betsy Abbott, Agusta Agustsson, Tarja Cockell, Sue Colozzi, Janis Doucette, Anne Kimball, Madalene Murphy, and Alanna Nelson
Outside the Ordinary focuses on the work of 8 regional artists who begin with everyday materials, fabric and thread, and create works well beyond
the ordinary through innovative piecing, fusing, felting, and stitching, as well as printing, painting, and dyeing. The common thread binding the
separate works together is the outside world that surrounds all of us.
Each piece focuses attention in a way that gives new insights into both the ordinary and extraordinary things in nature, whether they are intricately
stitched or ethereal landscapes; works featuring creatures from the land, sea, and air; eco prints or digital photography prints using local leaves and
flowers to create exuberant compositions; or abstract pieces whose patterns echo tree bark, rock layers, and even the cosmos itself. And the show
encompasses all of the colors of the world outside, from muted tans and grays to strong reds, blues, and greens.
Each artist hopes that together their works will excite viewers to expand their own perception of the natural world outside to include a renewed
awareness of its beauty, its particularity, and its fragility requiring our care and protection.
Image credit: Sue Colozzi, Coleus Up Close, Fiber, 29”w x 23”h, 2012

It was an additional treat to interact with the artists and guests in the adjacent gallery!  

In the Elizabeth A Beland Gallery
El Taller at Essex Art Center
Curated by Roberta Delilo
Henry Carpio, Jimmy Nguyen, Josh Pichardo, Keyla Rodriguez, Carter Agvent, Elizabeth Rennie, 
Kate Delaney, Jonathan Henriquez, Yessica Galva, Castro Yves, Bernard Long, Jason Sencion, and Celeste Cruz
If you’re in the area and looking for a fantastic way to spend some time, check out the Essex Art Center. Our exhibit will be up until May 31st!
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