Explorations: Journeys In Creativity-Inside the Quilt Artist’s Studio

The exhibition that we all worked so hard on for months is coming up soon! The first part was held in December and now, the second part, that I am part of, is almost here! Part 1 was fabulous and you can expect the same of this one, It was exceptionally well attended and people who came were very receptive to the concept of this exhibit and the presentations. The Lightening Talks were a hit!

Saturday, April 6th, New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Artist Reception begins 1PM
Explorations II: Inside the Quilt Artist’s Studio
​April 2 – June 23, 2019
“Have you have ever viewed an art quilt and wondered, “How did she do that?” From improvisational piecing to traditional embroidery, from digital design to eco-printing, today’s fiber artists draw on a wide range of materials and tools to add depth, complexity and texture to their work. This exhibition invites you inside the artist’s studio to learn about the extensive variety of techniques used by New England based members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). Presented in two parts, each of the 24 artists is represented by an original 30” x 50” art quilt that showcases her signature technique. Co-Curators: Allison Wilbur and Nancy Turbitt”       -NEQM
Ann Brauer
Sue Colozzi
Janis Doucette
Janice Jones
Mary-Ellen Latino
Marya Lowe
Jeanne Marklin
Valerie Maser-Flanagan
Sharon McCartney
Suzanne Munroe
Wen Redmond
Sarah Ann Smith

Saturday, April 6 · 1 – 2 pm

Five Artists Included in ​Explorations II: Inside the Quilt Artist’s Studio Present “Lighting Talks”

​Wen Redmond
​”Expanding The Surface: Printing On Created Substrate of Molding Paste
“Sue Colozzi
“Landscape Experiments Or… How I Play With Fabric”
Janis Doucette
“Best Practices for Eco Printers”
Mary-Ellen Latino
“21st Century Mixed Media Fiber Art”

Suzanne Munroe
​”Fiber Portraits”

​Here’s My work: “Surrender:”

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