Art Break!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to take a break and do some art! Nothing is quite finished yet, but it’s been such a good feeling to back in the saddle! Of course, it takes some mucking around in possibilities before an artist is ready to actually produce much after such an absence, but I always did like to play in the mud as a child and I guess that’s still with me so it’s all good to me. As usual, these Wips are subject to change!

Art calls for SAQA’s Benefit Auction and our Regional Trunk Show motivated me to begin some new work. Here’s a peek!


Also, allow me to share a wonderful youtube video I recently found. I think you may appreciate it much as I do:


Thanks for being here with me!

8 thoughts on “Art Break!

    1. What a magnificent array of colors obtained with plants. A most wonderful video. Thank you for this great morning read and visual stimulation.



    1. Yes, it feels good to make art again,but when these are finished, it’s back to finishing up my studio, The depth of color is amazing and I was struck with the amount of petals he used to begin with! His discovery of the unusual extraction materials and process he uses is fascinating!

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