A Review of Sorts- April to April

After working on one aspect or another of the longest project ever, I slept for 13 hours last night! Was it worth it? An overwhelming YES!

Photo by Andy Sexton.

I learned more during this endeavor than any other that I’ve been involved with. The crew that put it together probably did too – it’s a unique exhibition, in that, we each did a documentation project as part of the process, which is now for all to see.  We didn’t plan for it to travel, unsure of the interest in such a hybrid, but I think we proved that indeed the interest was clear given the responses we received. So, there won’t be another chance to see it when it ends here in New England, so check it out now through June 23rd. FYI, there is a book available for those interested.

The Artists Reception was fabulous! I loved seeing so many people who I hadn’t seen in quite a while who came out to see this exhibit or who were other artists in this project. I can tell you that everyone did their utmost best! The bar went up to the top this time!

This pic is from the MARI SAQA blog. Click here to see pics with all the artist’s names and their art.

My personal challenge was to expand my repertoire of dye colors, the natural way, and to render my idea in an original format, at least original to me, . It was not a challenge for the slight of heart to do this kind of experimentation for an exhibit that you’ve already been juried into. We were accepted in a unique fashion, based on past performances within a specific technique so the stress level was at a pitch to meet with expectations. After a good many failed experiments, I did eventually achieve my own goals and you’ll see more in the future.

I did improve my documenting skills, although it’s not greatly in evidence. I learned a lot more about the plants I use and I am keeping much better records of all of these plants. I’m still putting them into good order so they are easily retrievable. And the same with all of my dye and print info.

But I have to insert one more pic here because it holds the memory of one of the funniest and one of the most challenging moments of my life! I fell into the cold, April, Atlantic Ocean retrieving the seaweed that was swept from my hands as the pull of gravity knocked me down face first. My arthritic ankles couldn’t keep my footing, and in that second, I knew I was possibly too old to do this kind of thing anymore and feared that I may not actually survive to try it again. But I held my breath and struggled to push myself back up and, when I did… I lunged forward to grab the plastic bag containing my seaweed that was floating just ahead of me!  I got the damned thing in my hand and was back with my face in the bubbling water! However, my elation at having it in hand was motivation enough to thrust myself into the opposite direction and swim until I could get back onto my wobbling legs to start screaming for help. Both of my sisters were walking back to the car and were unaware of all of this until they heard the sound I was making. By the time they got close enough to help I was just about there – me and my bag of seaweed! We never laughed so hard all day long, every time we thought about it, one of us would just burst into laughter triggering another joint laughing spell!  It didn’t stop us from having lunch at a restaurant in the area. The waitress asked what happened to me and she stationed us near the heat and brought me towels to dry off and keep me warm while we had lunch. And that’s how I made this next print on, of all days, Friday, the 13th of April, last year!  I must find a safer way to accomplish this task as it begins to get warmer now.

Thanks to those of you who’ve hung in there with your your support through this ordeal and welcome aboard if you’re new here. I love to read whatever comments you have, so feel free to jump in here!




4 thoughts on “A Review of Sorts- April to April

      1. It was frickin freezing! LOL! It was not intentional, I assure you! I thought I could just step into the edges, but I guess my experiences are so thoroughly shaped by living on Cape Cod for years and I forgot how ferocious it could be in the Gloucester area! Just under a foot and it packed a pull that brought me down. Of course, leaping back in was sheer stubborn stupidity!


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