Flight of Ideas

This one is already off to Flight of Ideas: MA/RI Regional Trunk Show 2 (SAQA Regional)   •   MA/RI as an example of what I see as my defining style, or at least as close to one style as I’ve consistently (not exclusively) done with my fiber art.

“The trunk show will continue to travel to regional libraries, small galleries, exhibit rooms, and similar venues. It will also to be exhibited when available at the SAQA Booth at quilt shows, guild meetings, and SAQA regional meetings.”

Artist Statement for Mingling with the Sacred

The foundation consists of machine pieced ecoprints on various fabrics to which I layered fused sections of ecoprints and digitally altered photos on fabrics – some partially handpainted. I stenciled dragonflies and printed a handcarved softblock with acrylic paint with added painted touches. One commercial stamp is used and I added some asemic writing with acrylic ink. Free motion stitching emphasizes line and adds to the value contrast. The last touch was to add a “prayer bundle” that was made in the very beginning to appeal to the Muses for inspiration for my ideas to take flight. 

The prayer bundle is also something I’ve incorporated in quite a few other pieces. When I make one I say a prayer that becomes infused in the little bundle to go with the piece of art and  to whoever will own it. I realized that it’s not very well defined in this photo so I tried to make it clearer…not sure if it’s any better but I tried.  (-:

Mingling With the Sacred

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