The Wills and Whims of Mother Nature

Ah, the glorious wonders of Spring! After the long winter months, each day something new – the earth springs for with surprising, even stunning delights. Each one I stumbled on, took me aback, drew my breath with welcome feelings of astonishment and renewal, a timely reminder of the preciousness of each new day.

Ordinarily, one would walk over this “lawn” and never look down. Why would you? There doesn’t seem to be anything to see beneath your feet here in he back of our house.Last summer was the first time that Bill was not well enough to go out and mow and what began to grow was quite a surprise. But now that I have a new awareness of what’s beneath my feet with another year of studying native flowers, I’m so much more able to at least be able to pick out what looks familiar and might be native. A few, I can now actually identify.

For much of this week I foraged the lawn and dug up some pretty good specimens and transplanted them in the developing front native plant garden, In fact, all but the Mayapple was hiding underfoot or into the woods and lots more than I can’t fit in one post. I picked up the Mayapple, (one stem of which has drooped off to the ground because the stem was broken, but it otherwise is looking good and I think that stem may plant itself underground) at the annual Sister’s Plant Sale in Reading, MA. More to come, although this work takes a lot of time which is why there’s more time than usual between posts, so hang in there. All of what I do continues to be on nature’s timeline – I just sway from task to task at Mother Nature’s will.

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