A Tale of Three Hatchlings

A few weeks ago, a bird nest appeared atop a drainpipe and under the shelter of an eave just between 2 spotlights that shine down on the deck and backyard.

A robin came and went for a couple of weeks from the nest; then, seemed to disappear for a few weeks but she returned home and roosted there.

When a relative came and cleaned out the gutters he saw three eggs. Soon there were three hatchlings with hungry mouths to feed which kept mama and papa robins both busy to keep up with them. Both parents were very protective of the nest.

Mama was there most of the time and I spoke soothingly to her so she might understand that I was no threat. The back door was right next to the nest and each time anyone opened the door she flew off and watched nearby. I think she did come to trust me and she would sometimes come back while I was still sitting on the deck.

After repeated failed attempts with my phone camera yesterday, I finally got out my old Pentax and after a few adjustments, I took 3 pics and the camera batteries died. Later, with recharged batteries, I turned the camera on and found that one of them was perfect!

Meanwhile, I was worried that if the babes fell or jumped out they’d be hurt falling in concrete underneath, so I placed a low cardboard box with paper in it and a crumpled small tarp underneath to brace their possible fall.

Not a day too soon! With a storm predicted, I was out there just finishing shoring up my biggest tomato plant that had already fallen down once. I put it back up but not well enough to withstand high winds.

I had just sat down and saw a hawk attack the nest! I ran up and could only see 2 babies. Mama and Papa were off after the hawk and there was a lot of noise and rustling going on back in the trees. Again, I sat down to think of what else I could do when I heard the plop of one that jumped from the nest. This one quickly scurried off to underneath the deck. A few minutes later, another plop and this one headed in the other direction which I thought to be an unsafe choice, so I calmly directed it back with its’ sibling under the deck.

I stood vigilance for awhile but had to come in for dinner. At this moment I still don’t know what happened. Did Mama and/or Papa survive? I assume baby No. 1 did not. Will the 2 babes left stay safe under the deck until/if Mama returns? It’s too dark now to see and with the lights on all I can see is the lights.

At least until tomorrow I’ll keep hope alive for another/better day!

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Three Hatchlings

    1. Yes. in my head I know that we are all part of the whole of it. After all, I’m not a vegetarian. But my gut/heart reaction was pretty strong. I guess that’s what keeps us honest, when the head and the heart are both acknowledged and offer us the perspective to be at one with the world.

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