Winter Seed Project 2022! Part 2.

Greetings my friends! It’s definitely summer with 90 degree+ temperature days and drought conditions high.

You may want to see the first brief post here:

My first winter seeding project has directed most of my time and energy since May, and that has been a LOT of effort! I used to have a nifty little tractor that I got from Freecycle to sit on and maneuver around as I weeded my gardens but someone stole it from my yard. So, I bought a box type plastic seat that caused bruises and blisters on my tailbones. I’m now taking my first work break while I sit on ice to try and heal.

First Winter Seed Project Begun – All set in winter bed, November 23, 2021:

 By May, the seeds sprouted beyond my expectations! I could not keep up with their steady growth by June! The cost of potting soil, pearlite, garden soil and bedding soil was already out of hand.

The most prolific were Blue-stemmed goldenrod (Solidago caesia). Also many Tall Bellflowers, aka American Bellflowers (Campanula americana). Perhaps a dozen  Dyers’ Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria). Nearly as many Japanese/Chinese Indigo ( persicaria tinctoria) and just a few Common Blue Violets (Viola sororia ). The big disappointment was absolutely no Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris).

In addition, I sowed some Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-Me-Nots, Orange Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) seeds directly in the soil in the front garden.

By now everything should have been in the ground, but I can’t prepare the garden areas soon enough to get them there. Finally, after feeling chased by my garden, I had to take a step back and accept that I had not planned well enough and now I will simply let go and do what I can without more stress – especially after I fell the day before I got Life-Line!  After all, besides being tremendous labor, what I set out to do when I began was to establish a native garden in front and a dye and print garden in the back. It should be a joy! Let there be more enjoyment!

More to come asap! How does YOUR garden grow? Have you ever done winter seeding? Can you ever keep up with the watering this year? Glad you’re with me on this journey – feel free to add your garden pics in the comments!

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